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    John C. Gurski, Ph.D.

    Good first start for enrollment.  We are stuck at section 4 of the CMS855i.  We offer services at several facilities (nursing homes, ALFs, etc.) and are adding new ones as we go along.  Ann, do you know how we need to add these without having to go through the complete application process again; or conversely, do we in fact have to add them at all?  Thankful for any information or direction you might provide.

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    Ann Burkhardt

    No, you don't have to add every facility where you provide services. If the facility is billing Medicare for your services, they would be doing so under their own NPI. Most likely, you are billing under your own billing NPI and the only thing you have to report regarding the location of service is the service location code on the CMS-1500 when you submit your claims.

    So you can go ahead and submit your enrollment application without adding that information.

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